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Created by multi-award-winning agency Jigsaw Research, Whycatcher uses advanced digital techniques to find fresh perspectives, new opportunities, and clear strategic direction.

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Designed to be different

Too often, digital research platforms favour style over substance. They develop features that look great on paper, but are hard to use and offer limited value. Here's how we do things differently...


Bespoke technology

We stay at the forefront of tech innovation. Our digital research solutions are responsive, adaptable and fit-for-purpose.


Human focused

Online research is often cold and mechanical. Whycatcher breaks the mold. We strive to engage and understand participants on a human level.



From qualitative pioneers to analytics experts – our team of experienced digital professionals work with you to develop a tailored research plan that supports key decisions throughout each project.


Flexible suite of tools

Whycatcher’s community and WhatsApp tools can be deployed in parallel, fulfilling different roles and ensuring varied participant experience. We can also integrate other methods, including telephone interviews, quantitative market sizing, and focus groups.



We don’t do rigid, long-term contracts, meaning you only pay for the tools you use. Dial-up or dial-down the research programme from month to month to suit your needs.


Quality and integrity

We use trusted partners to recruit participants. Unlike other platforms, you will know exactly where people have been sourced from and can trust them to leave detailed, high-quality feedback.

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Whether you're a large international organisation or a small start-up, our digital insight tools can help solve your business challenges.

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