Capture Insights with Powerful and Flexible Tools

Optimised for both desktop and mobile devices

Surveys and Quick Polls

  • Crisp and Clear Interface

  • Single Select and Multi-select Questions

  • Randomise and Pin answer options

  • Grids (e.g. one answer per row)

  • Open text responses

  • Rank features, ideas, names, competitor brands

  • Sort features, ideas, names or brands into ‘buckets’

Image and Video Commenting

Get participants to give feedback on images or videos by ‘writing’ on top of them

  • Adverts
  • Ideas or Concepts
  • Product designs and packaging
  • Educational videos

Diaries and Notebooks

  • Follow participants actions, thoughts, and feelings over an extended period of time
  • Notebooks act like a scrapbook – participants can return to their notes and build on their ideas over time
  • Users can upload images and video to bring their stories to life

Capture ‘In the moment’ Insights through Video, Photos and Text

Set questions or tasks for participants to show you parts of their lives you wouldn’t see with traditional face-to-face research

Delve deeper to understand:

  • How they use your products
  • What their unmet needs are
  • What pain points exist
  • Spot opportunities for new products and services

Group Discussions

  • Great for feedback to help optimize new concepts, adverts, branding or product features
  • Users can react to each others’ posts (either live or over an extended period of time)
  • Discussions are moderated to probe deeper into participants thoughts and reactions
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Analyse Data and Manage Projects with Ease

Automated summary charts

Quick and easy to get a quick overview of the key findings

Easy Drag and Drop Data Tables

Dig deeper into your data with ease by dragging and dropping.

Branded Communities

Customise the branding of your communities with log-in screens, logos and we address

Segment Your Data

Create segments for easy analysis and to filter different tasks for relevant participants
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