Market Research Online Communities

We primarily offer two core types of communities

‘On Tap’ Research Communities

Our on-tap communities are ideal when you continually need quick access to customers to get their input and feedback for a varied range of topics. They provide a flexible way to answer questions about marketing, advertising, brand perceptions, customer behaviour, usage of competitor products, new product ideas, the customer experience, customer service, events and other topics.

We offer both ‘long-term’ communities lasting a year or more, and ‘pop-up’ communities which typically last for a few weeks or a few months.

‘In the Wild’ Product / Beta Trials

We help businesses launching new products and apps to test them with customers before their official launch.

As well as highlighting any issues or bugs you should be aware of, testing your product ‘in the wild’ (outside a ‘lab environment’) is invaluable as it gives you an understanding of how it’s used in a real-world environment. This means you can understand its use in context, understand what improvements or new features you should prioritise and get insights on marketing your new product.

We believe that communities are most effective when they adapt to your evolving research needs

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