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Whycatcher has re-imagined how mobile research is conducted, being the first insights platform to offer a fully automated WhatsApp solution.

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Why WhatsApp?

One-to-many conversations with customers across the globe - helping clients see the full picture

Highly engaged participants

To understand people, we need to talk to them in their world, not ours. WhatsApp provides a solution that is quick and familiar to participants of all ages, offering potential access to more than 2 billion users in over 170 countries worldwide.

Media-rich insights

Participants can answer using location pins, text, emojis, images, audio, and video, making it simpler than ever to find compelling stories that drive decision-making.

Hundreds of people can take part

Whycatcher has fully integrated WhatsApp. This means that we’re able to manage everything through the platform, making set up, moderation and analysis easier, cheaper, and faster.

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What participants say...

Our WhatsApp tool has become the go-to method for various national and multinational clients wanting to hold natural conversations with their customers. Unlike some tech-based research solutions, our tool has been tailored to the participant experience – leading to richer, more authentic insights.

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United Kingdom

It has been very easy to access the questions as I'm always using my phone and WhatsApp is very familiar to me so it was easy to reply with text and video responses. I also liked how I received the questions almost instantly and their open ended nature meant I could express what I wanted.

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United States

I found using this format very easy. I already had the app on my phone, so that was easy to start with. And questions came right in and I got a notification telling me they were available and how long I had to answer him. I used a video format because I found that a lot easier than trying to type on my answers. The questions were thought provoking and but yet still easy to answer.



Our quantitative and qualitative WhatsApp surveys are fast and enjoyable for participants to complete, delivering valuable insights.



WhatsApp diaries offer a unique window into participants’ lives. People are engaged with the app, know how to use it, and are more likely to trust it over something unknown.


UX testing

WhatsApp is perfect for testing apps, websites and products – identifying usability issues and potential opportunities for development


Content testing

Our WhatsApp solution is perfect for collecting honest feedback about ads, articles, and other brand materials.


In-the-moment research

WhatsApp allows us to capture consumer experiences in real-time – at events or while consuming your products or services.


Detailed analysis tools

Whycatcher provides a range of at-a-glance and in-depth analysis tools, including text analytics and automated video transcriptions.

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