Automated Research via WhatsApp

Whycatcher’s automated research via WhatsApp makes it easier than ever to…

Capture in-the-moment insights, images and video

Analyse video, audio and text responses

Share compelling customer stories and drive decision-making

Ideally suited for media-rich and longitudinal research

Customer Closeness
In-The-Moment Research
Buyer Journeys
Event Feedback
Customer Experience
Advertising Feedback
Pre and Post Tasks

WhatsApp integration makes mobile research more accessible than ever

Automatically send and receive structured and automated research tasks via WhatsApp
Participants engage with WhatsApp in the normal way, making it quick and easy for them to take part
Easy Analysis
  • Automated video-to-text transcription
  • Automated sentiment analysis

Research in your customers’ world, not ours

Widely and frequently used
– Most downloaded app across App Store and Google Play (1)
– More active monthly users than any other mobile app (1)
– High penetration among different age groups, including 18-35s (2)

(1) App Annie (Jan 2019) – UK data.
(2) We are Flint, Communications Consultancy (UK data)

Easy to use
– No need to download and remember to use a dedicated ‘research app’
– Works offline – text, images and video are sent automatically when participants are back online
– Push notifications
– See when messages have been sent, received and read

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