Backs of heads of a crowd of concert goers

The Art of Moderating for Digital Research

For most of us, moderating is second nature – something we do with little training or guidance. I mean, we…

Question mark on a wall

The Art of Question Writing for Research

On the face of it, asking questions is easy – after all we managed it from an early age without…

AI Analysis

Brilliantly Connected AI Case Study

In September of 2023, Whycatcher was invited to join Strat7’s Brilliantly Connected Conference to orchestrate a day-long conference-wide series of…

Barbenheimer split image

Barbenheimer and Spurious Correlations

It’s been about two weeks since the 2023 blockbusters Barbie and Oppenheimer hit cinemas, sparking fan theories that combine both…

Cool peace sign neon

Emojis in Research: a Treasure Trove of Insights or Superficial Fluff?

It took hours to craft that text. I’d checked, rechecked and tweaked it to within an inch of its life.…

Coffee & latte art

Why Being Present Matters: The Importance of In-The-Moment Research

The other day, I tried out a new coffee shop. It’s really near our office but I’ve never thought to…

Password Security in the Age of AI 

Weak computer passwords are a hallmark of the tech age. Even one of the first computer password systems, MIT’s CTSS,…

WhatsApp logo

Why we love using WhatsApp in our research

In a world where people are increasingly addicted to staring at their smartphones – and I’ll admit, I’m one of…

Leaves growing in the sun with water vapour on top

Nurturing Your Community: Eight Tips for Successful Engagement, part 2

Welcome back to the second part of our engaging communities blog. In the first part , we shared our first four…

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