Seedling reaching towards the light

Nurturing Your Community: Eight Tips for Successful Engagement, part 1

You’re here because you love communities as much as we do – and that’s a lot (obviously). Communities are great…

Valentine's Day with friends?

Have we fallen out of love with Valentine’s Day?

As the winter holidays end, another blue Monday passes, and the days finally begin to stretch longer, we begin to…

Is ChatGPT, the new blogging partner?

Like the rest of the world, we at Whycatcher have been truly fascinated by the explosion of OpenAI. Some of…

Losing control. Image shows wooden puppet on a string

Losing control: Is it really so bad?

Since Covid-19 hit, we’ve been using our community and WhatsApp tools to explore life in the pandemic world. We’ve been…

WhatsApp logo

Why we love using WhatsApp in our research

In a world where people are increasingly addicted to staring at their smartphones – and I’ll admit, I’m one of…

MRS Innovation of the year winners

MRS Innovation Award 2020 winners

We are delighted to announce that our WhatsApp research solution has won the MRS ‘Innovation of the Year Award’! Since…

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