Our solutions can be combined or used alone to really hit the brief. So, whether you want to run an online community or an ad-hoc project, we've got you covered


Fast and actionable insights with our immersive communities

Delivering quick, continuous feedback about everything and anything. This might be related to your business, or maybe just general chit chat with your audience.

We'll help you craft a welcoming and engaging space for your participants. This means they'll feel super comfortable sharing their honest opinions - ensuring authentic and on the pulse insights.

You'll have the flexibility to run the community however suits you. So it can be as long or short as you like, and you can manage everything yourself, or we can take care of that for you.


Targeted solutions to answer specific research questions

Fancy something with less commitment? You can use Whycatcher as and when you need to, rather than committing to a full community. So if you're from an agency with different client projects, or if you have sporadic research needs, we can help.

You can run projects that last for days, weeks or months. The choice is totally yours.

Whether you'd like us to set you up, or if you'd rather manage everything yourself, Whycatcher is here for you.

Online solutions



Our mobile-first surveys are an engaging way to learn about your audience.

You can go as narrow or as broad as you like with your questioning - choosing from qual open questions, more targeted closed questions, or a selection of both.

Surveys are good for a read at a static point in time, to complement other solutions.


Sometimes you want a quick response with minimal effort from participants. Polls are perfect for these occasions - you can push out a single question and watch the responses roll in.

We recommend running polls routinely within communities to keep participants engaged and warm.

Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums

Hold meaningful conversations with your audience through our immersive, text-based discussion forums. Think of it as a virtual focus group, just without the technical issues and constantly telling the same person 'you're on mute'. It works a treat, and means that users are all super comfortable being honest.

Mobile solutions


We've integrated WhatsApp into our platform, allowing us to launch qual/ quant surveys, diaries, and video blog tasks through this popular messaging service.

WhatsApp allows us to securely collect and analyse hundreds of responses in real-time through our Whycatcher platform. What's more, tasks can be launched in over 65 languages.

Our approach is so good, it won the Market Research Society (MRS) Research Live 'Innovation of the Year Award' 2020.


Offline solutions

Offline solutions

Traditional qual

If you'd rather, you can complement any of our digital solutions with traditional methodologies such as depth interviews or focus groups.

Our team of experienced digital researchers are on hand to lead with these sessions, which can be conducted online or in-person.