Live reaction to business conference

26 October 2023 by
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Ai Analysis: Live reaction to business conference

The Brief 

In September of 2023, Whycatcher was invited to join Strat7’s Brilliantly Connected Conference to orchestrate a day-long conference-wide series of WhatsApp tasks The questions were designed to be interacted with at the close of each workshop, and the conference would finish with a presentation using AI analysis of the data gathered throughout the day.  

The solution

We set up a WhatsApp pre-task to onboard participants and understand their expectations and hopes for the session itself.​

On the day, we placed a QR code on the slides, leave behinds and printed in prominent places in the conference hall. Attendees could then scan the code and join the task live on the day.​

Questions were asked throughout the day, related to specific speakers or to gather responses to group tasks via text, video and audio.

The result

We were able to monitor responses in real-time and ask the speakers to probe for anyone lagging behind.​

The live responses were analysed live using AI – which we could present back to the room within minutes. For added engagement, we got our AI to mock up a hip-hop rap about the key priority areas and (using an external AI plugin) sing it to the room at the end.​

Further, the results allowed us to capture data from the day that would usually remain on a flipchart somewhere, leading to actionable insights for Strat 7

Whycatcher is keen to find new ways to grow and develop our platform. We had so much fun getting to stretch our digital legs at the Brilliantly Connected Conference and are so excited to find new and unique ways to challenge our tools and do some good hard research.  

Here is a great quote from the conference organiser:

Whycatcher allowed us to turn what would normally be a learning experience for our attendees into a learning opportunity for our senior conference team. Throughout the day, participants found it easy to respond to each speaker’s content via WhatsApp, providing us with rich in-the-moment commentary. Presenting the key findings back to participants on the same day had a really big impact.

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Cady works in the research and marketing teams at Whycatcher. She moved to the UK from her home in Brooklyn, NY in 2017, and completed her BA in English and Philosophy from The University of St Andrews in 2021.

Cady is an avid outdoorsman in her free time, and has backpacked over 300 miles of the New England wilderness. She can also wiggle her ears.