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The LTA: On-Tap research community

The Brief 

The LTA asked us to host a community that could act as the voice of British tennis, giving the LTA on-tap access​ to research different tennis segments, including coaches, venues, fans,​ tennis players of different ages​ and abilities, etc.​

The purpose of the community is to support both strategic and tactical decision making across the marketing, product and strategy departments.​

The solution

We initially recruited a community​ of over 1,000 participants (which has now grown to over 2,000) to take part in a varied mix of research including:​

  • Brand and communications testing​
  • Campaign evaluation​
  • Product Concept Testing​
  • Website Optimisation​
  • and a range of other topics

The result

The insights generated from the​ online panel/community facilitate both strategic and tactical decision making within the LTA.​

The research continues to provide detailed analysis on the tennis community’s views of various topics​
to help inform the client to make strategic marketing and participation decisions regarding new methods of communication, how best to structure various events and the implementation of new systems to benefit players, coaches and fans of the sport.

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