Supporting the development of a new B2B digital product

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Supporting the development of a new B2B digital product

The Brief 

A media business developing ​a new digital B2B product aimed at SMEs needed to:​

  • Understand the potential market size/demand​
  • Conduct UX testing on initial wireframes and the Beta product​
  • Understand the user experience, including any barriers to help optimise the product prior to its​
    full launch​

The solution

We undertook market sizing research to understand the profile and size of the potential audience.​

This was followed by iterative UX testing with sessions spread at two week intervals to support product development sprints.​

A community of Beta testers was recruited. Research and analysis fused behavioural analytics data, customer support interactions and telephone interviews to give a 360 degree view of users behaviours​ and needs.​

The result

The research demonstrated the​
size of the opportunity, and crucially highlighted where the highest degree of opportunity lay.​

The UX testing helped to optimise product designs and messaging to overcome initial mis-understandings about the proposition.​

In the live beta community, we learnt how users engaged with the product​
in a real-world environment and​ were able to recommend product improvements to help overcome​
the challenges it would face in the real-world.​

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