Understanding holiday decision-making with in-the-moment image and video capture​

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Understanding holiday decision-making with in-the-moment image and video capture​

The Brief 

A tourism-destination marketing agency were keen to understand holiday-makers decision making with respect to planning, booking and undertaking activities on holiday:​

  • How, when, and where do​ holiday-makers become aware​ of activities/attractions?​
  • What determines whether​ they will undertake those activities/attractions?​
  • What levers can be used to influence decision-making and booking behaviours?​

The solution

We took a mixed methods in-the-moment approach to eliminate reliance on hazy holiday memories.​

Qualitative mini-community with:​

  • Pre-holiday diaries (mix of WhatsApp updates, surveys,​ and online diaries)​
  • On-holiday diaries (light touch diaries using WhatsApp/​Whycatcher for image/​video capture)​
  • Post-holiday telephone interviews Quant surveys with pre-holiday and post-holiday elements​

The result

The research generated a very clear understanding of how holiday-makers plan and take decisions.​

Throughout the research we received very rich image and video content from participants – with participants finding it easy to send us messages and content via WhatsApp or the Whycatcher platform.​

This content ensured the final report was highly visual, authentic and compelling for the client and key stakeholders.​

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