Our digital research platform with WhatsApp integration

Seamlessly bringing WhatsApp and web-based tools together, to capture rich and truly immersive insights, as they happen

Innovative solutions

At Whycatcher, innovation is more than just a word; it's our driving force. We are committed to pushing boundaries, setting industry trends, and exceeding client expectations.

We are proud to be the first agency to be vetted and approved to integrate WhatsApp into our platform, earning us MRS Innovation of the Year Award and cementing our reputation as industry disruptors. Our dedication to innovation doesn't stop there. We're always looking ahead, embracing cutting-edge technologies, and creating tailored solutions that deliver real-world value to our clients.

Insight Driven

Insight Driven & Human Focused

In case it's not obvious, we're all about insights driven by a deep human understanding. Our tools are meticulously designed by researchers for researchers. So we prioritise the participant experience, ensuring that we capture everyday behaviours in the moment.

With an engaging and easy to use interface, we've enhanced the research journey. So the experience is enjoyable, and friction free for participants, giving our clients high-quality and robust results.

We are on a mission to redefine digital research, where insights and human experiences are our guiding lights.

Flexible research approaches

No copy and paste here - we build bespoke approaches to deliver against each brief. And we're so much more than just digital research too, so we can blend in more traditional tools when it feels right to.

What's more, we offer complete flexibility in how clients can run their projects - from self service, through to fully managed. Not just that, we can brand your dashboard and add custom reporting too - it's all part of our charm.


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