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Empowering you with data-driven insights for better decision-making

No App to Download

No clunky apps to download, so you and your audience have easy access and a friction-free experience with Whycatcher.

Innovative & Creative Solutions

Our suite of innovative tools gives participants greater freedom of expression, unlocking more authentic insights for you.

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Imagine us as that perpetually curious child who never stops asking questions, where innovation meets data in a beautiful harmony. We're here to make things interesting because, let's be honest, research should never be dull.

Whycatcher brings creative tools together in one place seamlessly, without the hassle of app downloads. So clients can use traditional online tools, as well as more innovative ones or even WhatsApp. Then, with AI analysis, users can chat with their data to go deeper and really brings these insights to life.

Our commitment to flexible, end-to-end solutions that champion the human touch make us really different though. Participation through Whycatcher is easy, so we capture real, authentic in-the-moment insights. Coupled with our dedicated team, we promise a boutique experience tailored to each client's distinct needs.

The Process

Understand how Whycatcher works

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Getting set up

You've successfully crafted your brief, recruited participants, and collaborated with our experts to write a task designed to uncover valuable insights. Now, it's time to seamlessly set up your task on Whycatcher.

While initial training will familiarise you with our platform, rest assured that its intuitive design makes it very easy to master. We offer comprehensive support throughout the process, whether you'd prefer us to handle everything or would like guidance as you set things up yourself. Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience, but our team and help centre are always on hand to provide help if you need it.


Gathering responses

This is where we hand over to participants! User experience is our priority, so we've designed Whycatcher to be easy to access and use, allowing participation in many ways across different devices. Whether responding with text, images, audio, or video, participants can engage at home or out and about, giving them flexibility to respond on their terms. The moment they do, we see their real-time responses.


Insightful analysis

The responses have starting coming in, now for the fun bit - time to see what participants have to say! You can view responses and transcripts right away to start your analysis.

You can use Whycatcher AI to summarise, get themes or find specific quotes. Of course you can can still add notes and analyse in the traditional way too. Within our analysis dashboard, quant data is automatically populated into tables that can be pasted straight into reports or exported into data tables. We capture a lot of media rich content, all of which can be exported into one neat folder at the click of a button.

We've given our clients real ownership of their data and the tools for fast and powerful reporting.


Tools that suit you

Our mobile-first solutions are really easy to use, so you can reach your audience in a way that truly works for them.

We can design and set everything up for you, or if you'd rather do it yourself, that's fine too.

The Benefits

Streamlined Research Solutions

Make your life easier and more efficient, by simplifying your research experience with Whycatcher. From brief to data collection, analysis, and reporting—all in one place.

It's time for in-the-moment responses, happy users and authentic insights.

Everything in one place

End-to-end research consolidating the (usually) separate part of the process through one intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

We guide you seamlessly from the initial brief to data collection, analysis, and reporting—all in one place. So all those little extras like transcripts, media and notes all live on Whycatcher, making them easy to view and share.

Real-Time analysis

Analyse responses as the data unfolds for immediate, firsthand insights. No more waiting for your agency to share results - now, you can watch videos, listen to audio, and explore responses as soon as they come in.

Take control of your data and follow the stories as they emerge, for proactive and effective decision-making.

Engaged participants

We understand that participants are busy enough, so we've made research easy for them. No need to download clunky apps that are hard to log into, or navigate.

At Whycatcher, we're all about easy access and minimal disruption. This means participants have a smooth experience and can share responses in a way that suits them. This not only makes them happier but also much more comfortable sharing.

Authentic insights

By capturing responses in the moment, we gain genuine insights into experiences as they happen. This gives us a better understanding of participants' perceptions before they've even had a chance to fully process them.

Get under the skin of participants and learn about what really makes them tick as they feel it, not afterwards, with Whycatcher.

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