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Whycatcher is a digital market research platform helping brands get closer to their customers

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WhatsApp research
Automated Research via WhatsApp

Conduct research in your consumers’ world

Whycatcher is the world’s first market research platform to fully integrate WhatsApp, enabling us to generate and collect media-rich, actionable insights via this popular messenger service.

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Online communities

Forge deep connections with your audience through our flexible online tools

We craft immersive communities that deliver faster, smarter insights. Research tasks are simple for audiences of any age or technical ability to complete. Whatever your community research needs, Whycatcher’s agile suite of tools are ready to make it happen.

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Our community and WhatsApp tools can be used together or separately


Customer closeness

Understand your customers’ needs, habits and perceptions. Open a window into their world at home, work or play.


Market understanding

Gain crucial insights about your existing and potential markets.


Product testing

Test and refine new products before they are launched.


Ad research

Develop ads and test their effectiveness across different media.


Buyer journeys

Identify touchpoints that influence purchase decision-making.


Customer experiences

Learn about your audiences’ experiences in real-time, as seen through their eyes.

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